• 1993 Geoffrey D. Pidduck
  • 1994 Geoffrey D. Pidduck
  • 1995 Geoffrey D. Pidduck
  • 1996 Geoffrey D. Pidduck
  • 1997 Hans Lammers
  • 1998 Hans Lammers
  • 1999
  • 2000
  • 2001
  • 2002
  • 2003
  • 2004
  • 2005
  • 2006
  • 2007 Board Resigned – (Commodore possibly Nick Maley)
  • 2008 Brian Turton
  • 2009 Brian Turton
  • 2010 Paul Jackson / Brian Turton
  • 2011 Philip Jones
  • 2012 George Kaersenhout
  • 2013 George Kaersenhout
  • 2014 Alan Burge
  • 2015 Grahame Williams

Jolly Harbour Yacht Club History

Jolly Harbour Yacht club was Founded: May 1993 its Founding Members were Geoffrey Pidduck, Hans Lammers and Dom Henry...
In April on that same year the club hosted Antigua Sailing Week.
They held the Carib Cup Regatta: 1995, 1996 and 1997, which was a great success.

The club started the Valentines Regatta: in 1996. The initiative was due to the Impetus, motivation and encouragement of AYC sailors and Robbie Ferron and Budget Marine which was intended to fill a void in CSA Calendar and to increase that Antigua Sports Calendar.

Annual Regatta came into being after the Yacht club lost the hosting of the Carib Cup when it was suggested that the winning island would take it over.

The Carib cup is still an idea could be rekindled with teams of three boats Racing, Cruiser Racer and Cruising from each island or yacht club.


Geoffrey became associated with Dr. Erhart in 1992 and by 1993 we brought Antigua Sailing Week to Jolly Harbour in 1993 also sponsoring the first ASW Press Boat. I signed a 6 year Lease with Dr. Erhart for the Marina, Boatyard, Fuel Dock, etc. and I recruited Hans Lammers who at the time was one of the first tenants in Jolly Harbour with his “La Marine” boat rentals, etc. Hans became the Boatyard and Dock Manager while Dom Henry and I did accounts and promotion. Dom and I provided the funding. Dom Henry is a friend of Janie and I. As a Harvard Business School graduate and also an Oxford Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants he was a big help with the Marina, The Sales Office and Management of the Shopping Center and Commercial Interest. Under the umbrella of my companies we pretty well managed all the Commercial interest at Jolly Harbour and with a 15% hold-back of all rents we did all the local promotion and advertising for Jolly Harbour. Gillian Noel (Bigler) and I handled all the shopping center management, Jolly Harbour advertising and promotion. She was also an early member of JHYC and an active sailor.

From the beginning we reached out and made The Prime Minister Hon Lester Bird, Hon Molwyn Joseph of St. Mary’s, Minister of Tourism, Commodore of AYC, Chairman of the National Park Jimmy Fuller, Jan Santos and Brian Gonzales (Chairman) of Antigua Sailing Week all Honorary Members. We also encouraged Marina Clients to take Life Memberships and gave away T shirts and burgees with membership so that they would fly or flag all over the Caribbean Waters.

Because we owned the Marina it was easy for us to promote that aspect, to all marinas and at several International Boat Shows, most notable Earls Court and Fort Lauderdale and Hamburg, to the Atlantic Race for Cruisers, The Caribbean 1500 and other major events in the Caribbean 3 free days stay at the marina.  With the formation of JHYC we gave free dockage to visiting AYC yachts and other from Guadeloupe, St. Maarten and St. Barths and other neighboring islands. The D Dock had an area assigned to members for free and later supported dockage.

Robbie Ferron / Budget Marine was a big supporter of Jolly Harbour and the regattas from the beginning. He helped source the travel lift from Bobby’s Marina who were at the time upgrading from the 70 ton travel lift. Robbie even provided some financing for that. Budget Marine were our first tenant after we converted the batch processing plant into the three story boatyard commercial complex. Incidentally much of the wood used in that building was brought in by the Russian Submarine project to build a Dacha. Robbie Ferron was one of our early members at JHYC and has remained a constant supporter.

  I was the founding Commodore and did that for I think 4 years before turning it over to Hans. When in 1999 I gave up the Marina, we started to lose some impetus at JHYC. Hans remained as Marina Manager for one year and then first Mark Shenstone was recruited, he did not last long and later Robby Cook arrived and by then we seem to start losing Marina support.

The Dog Watch Tavern was our club house and still has some useful history on the ceilings showing early winners and participants by JHYC yachts. Maverick, a maxi at that time was also a member from around 1998 and made her home at Jolly Harbour for many years. 

Useful historical recourses: Nick Maley who sailed Pumpkin and who designed and maintained the first web site. Robbie Ferron of Budget Marine, Colin Jones, Bernie Wong who at the Carib Cup sailed Deputy, Karl Belezaire who sailed Agouti now Biwi Magic, Gillian Noel Bigler.